Albus Dumbledore Rubber Keyring


Hogwarts Headmaster, founder of the order of the Phoenix and one of the most powerful wizards of his time. The Cute Albus Dumbledore Keychain is a must have for all the Potterfans. Hogwarts is your HOME! This product is Inspired by the Harry Potter series for both wizards and muggles out there. It's light & durable and makes a perfect gift for you and the members of your Slug Club. ItÕs time to live the Magic AGAIN! Light Weight Key Chain & Easy Pocket Fit Decorate your Car, Bike, Scooter, Locker, Wardrobe, Home and Office keys. High Quality utility Key Holder with Attractive Design. Strong and Durable Product with Superior Finish. Ideal for gifting to Men, Women, Kids, Boys, Girls, Couple, Friends Husband, Wife. The most fabulous gift for your friends and family