Step into the Upside Down

Stranger Things Shop

The Stranger Things Shop in London is the ultimate store for fans of the hit show. This journey will take you to the heart of Hawkins, Indiana, where you'll encounter all your favourite characters, portals, and monsters, as well as their merch!
  • Hawkins Lab Portal

    Start your adventure by exploring the Portal from the Hawkins Lab. Beware the hand coming through the Portal! And the Demogorgons lurking in the shadows!
  • Join the Party

    Once you've escaped from the Portal, it's time to join the Party! Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Nancy, Will, and Steve are all waiting for you at the centre of the Experience, granting you the necessary willpower to fight Vecna's powers!
  • Experience Upside Down

    But are we ready to party yet? We hope you are watching closely because something is crawling from the ceiling! Is it Vecna, or has the Demogorgon changed positions? We don't know if we dare turn our backs and check whether the Demogorgon is still by the Portal.

After the Upside Down

When you, hopefully, manage to leave the Upside Down, you can try and beat Dustin's high score on the Stranger Things fans' favourite arcade game "Dragon's Lair"! Be sure to return soon and check whether Mad Max has beaten your high score!
Visitors of the Stranger Things shop love getting a souvenir from our extensive selection of merch. From drinkware and stationery to Hellfire Club T-Shirts and cute hats, you will surely find a memorable gift for you and your loved ones!

The Stranger Things Shop is on the mezzanine floor of House of Spells London!

Stranger Things Shop

Journey through the extraordinary with our Stranger Things treasures