Plan Your Visit

We reopened the doors to our London Store and we can't wait to see you there. Shopping in-store is bit different now, but you can find all the necessary information right here.

As the novel Corona virus COVID-19 begins to impact our community and daily lives, we want to assure you that we are monitoring developments very closely and taking action at our stores on a daily basis to protect and support our family of customers and employees.  At House of Spells, serving you is the most important thing we do and your health, safety and well-beings remains our top priority.

Following Health and Safety measures are in practice at our stores:

We have updated our store opening times: 

Monday to Friday: 10AM to 8PM

Saturday-Sunday: 10AM to 9PM

In our continuing efforts to protect our customers and staff, We strongly recommend using masks and sanitisers before and after visiting the store. We are also limiting the number of customers at a time, so please maintain social distancing, keeping at least 6 feet between each other while in the store and avoid touching the products if it's not necessary. (Limits are determined by sq.ft of the stores). 

Employees Wearing Masks

If you notice employees wearing mask, it is because we have allowed them to do so at their request. Masks are primarily used to prevent from touching their noses/mouths with their hands, and not because they are sick. We believe this is an important way that we can help our employees to feel comfortable serving you.   Please know that employees who are feeling sick or appear are not allowed work in our store. 

Providing Hand Sanitisers in store: 

We encourage you to use the sanitisers available in store while in store,  before and after visiting the shop to help you feel safe and comfortable. Please ask one of our staff to help you with this.