Calling all Fandom artists and creators.

Get your work appreciated and win a prize in the process:

House of Spells recognizes how challenging and unfortunate this time can be and would like to wish all of you good wellbeing and to stay strong.

We understand that it might get very unsettling to sit at home but we know that this time helps you to get more creative. 

House of Spells is a strong believer and supporters of creativity and fandom societies, so we have decided to run a friendly competition and showcase the beauty of how #FANDOMCREATES

If you have created anything to do with Fandoms that comes from you, we are here eager to see your work! 

It can be starting from painting, video, photo all the way to books and models. Small or big, potion or spell, superpower or a dream it would mean a lot for us to be able to see your creation. 


  1. Create your own personal art representing your favourite fandom and/or character from your fandom.

It can be a drawing, replica, model, video, photo, story, book, models. Anything creative is considered as a way of art - self-expression.  

  1. Then post it on your social media and hashtag  #FANDOMCREATES and tag @houseofspells or if you would like to send it into and we will display it on our social media.
  2. Explain a little bit about your artistic expression.
  3. Invite your friends and other people to participate to see creativity blossom.
  4. Submit and post your work by 11/05/2020


Prizes: For top 5 chosen

Gift cards:   

1 x £100 House of Spells Gif Card 

2 x £50 House of Spells Gif Card  

2 x £25 House of Spells Gif Card


From all creators, 10 will be chosen for an opportunity to participate in the next stage competition. We will display the top 10 creative work and ask the public to vote for what they believe would be best.


The winner will get:

To visit House of Spells (shop), 69-71 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0NE

For Chosen winner and his Plus One

-       1 x £100 gift card to use at House of Spells shop or website.

-       Two people travel costs covered for two people from wherever they live.

-       Food costs covered for the period of experience.

-       Harry Potter tour

-       Stay in The Hotel for 1 night


Creativity prizes: 

We will award additional participants with 21 surprise prizes. 



If you would like us to display your work on more permanent bases online or in the shop and maybe even sell it for you please do get in touch with us. 


For more information please feel free to send email to

 Or feel free to Whatsapp on +447549945392 

69-71 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0NE
T: +44(0)2072879077

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