House of Spells: Special Edition Event

Next in the saga of extravagant events was the ‘Special Event’. We
hosted an event on 20th September 2019 featuring our mysterious
venue and all the attractions within. The esteemed presence of
Influencers, press and eminent diplomats added to the appeal of the
show. The event was officially filmed and live streamed by Phoenix
Television and Art in Fusion TV. The ripples of success of the event
was felt over the internet by 13.2 million viewers during Phoenix
Television's live stream alone.

The event lived up to its mystical twist. Although, the icing on the
cake was our goody bag giveaway, guests were entertained by
magicians and swarm of cosplayers who took over the event. The
legendary Jack Sparrow, Vikings and even a Fortune Teller who
were quite the crowd-puller with her clairvoyance and charming

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