House of Spells: Origins

The universe is unfathomable, a never-ending cauldron of
secrets often locked away; forgotten. Scholars of the universe
talk about realms. They argue about the origins. Many
propose, many dispose; but none touch upon the ‘great
universal chasm’. The chasm is a rift in the very universal
fabric, explained by none but the "Scrolls of Durothas".
A gifted young wizard from the ashen forests of Fryervale,
Durothas was righteous and stoic. He was among the chosen
few wizards who learned to tinker with the fabric of time.
Driven by his insatiable hunger for power, he would often
transport himself across realms in his quest for rare elixirs and
ancient magic. He was the disciple of the oldest wizard of all
realms to the "Wailing witch" of Niflheim. Blinded by the
power to transmute the dead and petrify the living, he would
steal the witch’s scepter. He was oblivious to the curse it
carried. Little did he know, his greed to champion magic
would later become his undoing.

His destiny would be rewritten. Durothas would become the
slave to universal forces on an everlasting mission in exchange
for limitless power. He was sentenced to collect all artifacts
exuding unworldly magic and lock them away from darker
eyes in the enchanted ‘House of spells’, a true keeper’s vault.
He became the cursed crusader. When every last relic was
collected, Durothas would try to seal the ‘House of Spells’
away once and for all, a heroic act, as he knew the peril it had
and it could go wrong. A wave of the ethereal scepter cast an
energy so powerful that it left behind a universal abyss.
Durothas was unheard of ever since. This is the story of the
‘Great universal Chasm’. There is but one souvenir he left
behind, the ‘House of Spells’ in all its glory. It was never truly