An Opening so Grand …

July 15 th , 2019 was a day to remember! It was the day we opened our
doors to the wonderful fans and visitors all over the world. But we
knew that the House of Spells deserved the opening fit for a king!
So, we invited wonderful guests topped with refreshments for all
attendees. As the name suggests, we were overjoyed by the response
we received. With some famous names across influential franchises
like the Game of Thrones, Vikings and Harry Potter gracing the
event, we couldn’t have asked for better! Cristian Vit, Natasha
Grano, Elijah Rowan and Jack Mcevoy had some really wonderful
things to say about the experience. A Giant Viking, the Night’s
Watchman and a Wizard stormed through the front gates to add to
the excitement and awe of our guests. And needless to say, the VR
experience really helped us cast a spell on every who attended the
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